Terms and Conditions

Submission Fees

We do not impose any fee on authors. It is absolutely free to publish with us. However, the final formatting of the articles needs to done by the authors.

Terms and Conditions

Authors are requested to read the following “Terms and Conditions” very carefully. If authors submit anything for publication, it will be taken for granted that they have read the “Terms and Conditions” and agreed to the same.
  • Copyright: The authors give Aesthetics Media Services exclusive, all-language-use copyright to publish, reproduce, distribute and grant reprinting permission to any other publishing agency or company to publish/distribute the articles, diagrams, maps and images online and in hard paper formats, wireless and all electronic digital formats and media like CD/DVD/Blue-ray disc and all other formats and media to be invented in future and for any number of copies at any time.
  • Submission: While submitting any piece of writing or illustration with us for publication, the authors understand that the same has not been sent or is not being considered for publication elsewhere.
  • Copyright Permission from others: Authors are responsible for getting the permission from the Copyright Holders for the reproduction of articles, long quotations, diagrams, maps and images in the articles, essays, illustration that they submit for publication in the journal.
  • Copyright Violation: In case of copyright violation or/and plagiarism solely the author/s will remain responsible and the publisher of the Spring Magazine cannot be held responsible and made a party for such cases.
  • No Payment: The publisher does not pay any royalty to authors or artists for their article or works.
  • Formatting: Authors will have to prepare the final MS as per the template supplied by us.
  • Sharing: Contributors can share links, abstracts anywhere on any format. They can share the final published papers via email on non-commercial basis.
  • Archiving: We do not allow self-archiving of the full contents in institutional repository or any other third party repository for authors who do not have institutional funding. Authors can self-archive only Abstracts.
  • Authors and contributors should understand that Aesthetics Media Services reserves the right to change/modify the terms and conditions of the journal at any time.


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