I Look Forward to Seeing You Again

Ankur Nagpal

Sprinkles of glee seem like sparks of fire
Approbation of aficionados appears as satire
Mists of your glimpse are the pills to my lunacy
Reinstate my energy, but take me into fantasy
I can’t depict my outlook, O my Lordship!
Testator of riches! Nullifier of hardship!
I look forward to see you again.

(Ankur Nagpal is a student of  B.A. Hons. Sanskrit, II Semester, Ramjas College, North Campus, University of Delhi)



Vanshika Sharma

I walk, I walk
the sturdy paths,
the broken cliffs
and boulevards.
I walk, I walk
under the burning sun,
against the eucalyptus
and suckling tongue.

I walk, I walk
the marigold fields,
see smiling faces
yet large hearts seal’d.
I walk, I walk
into a dream,
where evil delights
and innocents scream.

I walk, I walk
…a winter’s tale,
covered in snow,
by the vale.
I walk, I walk
the time and space,
some ugly soul,
some beautiful face.

I walk, I walk,
seeing cities and towns,
where people laugh
at a crying clown.
I walk, I walk
asking everyone,
When did you last touch a cold sun?
When did you last see a burning moon?
Did you ever give away your silver spoon?

(Vanshika Sharma is a student of M.A. English, II Sem., Central University of Himachal Pradesh)