Editorial, Volume2, Number 2, 2016

I am pleased to present the third issue of Spring Magazine on English Literature.

The current issue with which we greet the New Year was a tad difficult to compile; however, it was a welcome headache and heartache as we had over hundred articles to choose from.  Most of them were interesting; but, keeping with the policy of the Magazine, we limited ourselves to articles that either present a novel reading of canonical literary texts or a study of hitherto unexplored yet significant texts. Due to this, we had to leave out many essays that we would have loved to include. But at the same time, we have to point out that the response was heartening as it showed that there is an overwhelming need for such a magazine.

The current selection is something that we are rightly proud of as an interesting array of articles greets the reader in this issue — dealing with diverse topics ranging from classical theories of drama to a reading of one of the modern masters of literature Salman Rushdie, and include essays as varied as an analysis of reworking of the Mahabarata and a study of postmodern masculinities. Apart from these, the issue also has the regular features, i.e. Closet Classics, Book Reviews, and Creative writings by young enthusiasts.

The aim of this issue, as with the Magazine as a whole, is to help students of all ages of English literature, and we think that we have succeeded in this endeavour. I hope that you will enjoy reading the issue and that it will interest, delight, and hopefully enlighten.

I sincerely thank all the contributors as well as the editorial team for their efforts, and the support and encouragement of the readers — and hope that your love for the magazine will remain the same in future as well.

Any suggestions and comments are welcome.

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Dr. KBS Krishna