The Context

The Spring Magazine on English Literature, as its name suggests, is a customized journal for graduate and postgraduate English literature students. The web, these days, has surfeit of information. While there are thousands of journals, mainly catering to the needs of article writers and research scholars, budding students searching for good study materials often stumble on Wikis, blogs and other articles of spurious academic value. Another trend in social media (like Facebook) is that knowledgeable people who post there tend to go by popularity markers: ‘Likes’ and favorable comments. Rarely people want to differ and have a have a healthy debate and discussion. Students, thus, can hardly afford the luxury of wasting time on social media for quality materials on literature.

Hence, the genesis of this journal with the following aims and objectives:

  • To publish scholarly articles and essays on English Literature.
  • To provide students with guidelines for studying literature as an interdisciplinary area involving other subjects of humanities.
  • To suggest various ways of reading, interpreting, and appreciating masterpieces of literature.
  • To familiarise students to main currents of English literature.
  • To teach students how to acquire and develop cognitive and applied skills.
  • To provide a platform for students to develop their hidden creative talents.


Spring Magazine will be free to access.


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